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Something's afoot in
Llandrindod Wells....
Enter the fabled land of the Llandoddies in Middle Wales and explore the myths and legends
of these mysterious Ancient Water Keepers in the "Chronicles of the Llandoddies"

“The trolls are coming! These dirty, disgusting creatures are moving into the Pwll-du mine beneath the Rock Park, and their first aggressive action is to kidnap Rhiannon while the other Doddies are watching Doddie flying ace Odius Peasnort attempt to cross the River Ithon in his flying machine. A crack Doddie rescue team is sent into the mine to rescue Rhiannon, but quickly runs into trouble. The pace is fast and furious, and once again Big Dewi makes a complete Wally of himself as he bungles onwards. The rescue team is outnumbered and completely at the mercy of the huge trolls who will think nothing of eating them for breakfast. Or afternoon tea”

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